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Nutanix „As Built Guide“

For us Partner, Nutanix has build a „Cluster Deployment Service Kit“, in this Kit are some diffrent tools like the „As Built Guide“. This tool is the Topic today.

In my opinion this tool is very underrated and the most engineer do not know about this tool.

You find the „Cluster Deployment Service Kit“ in the Nutanix Partner Portal (https://partnerportal.nutanix.com), there you can search and download the Service Kit. Here the Directlink to Nutanix.

When you unzip the file, you have following folders and files:

under „Automation/As_Built_Documenter/“ you find one zip file for Windows and one for OSX.

Change to the directory where the zip file is extracted.

For Windows User:

generate_document.exe -c "CompanyName" -n <Nutanix cluster IP>

For OSX User:

./generate_document -c "CompanyName" -n <Nutanix cluster IP>

then you have to provide a Cluster Username/Password and Voilà…

Itˋs generate a built document in „.docx“ format. Attached some screenshots from the Document.

Hopefully this post will help someone of you 😉


Nutanix File Analytics DNS change

During the installation of Nutanix File Analytics I made a mistake and enter a wrong DNS server. Because of this, an error occurs during the configuration because he cannot resolve the domain.

So how can I change the DNS without reinstalling everything?

For this Nutanix have written a Script and this Script is already on the FAVM (File Analytics Virtual Maschine).

With the default SSH User „nutanix“ and the default password „nutanix/4u“ is it possible to connect to the FAVM over SSH.

Now we can use the „update_dns.sh“ Script.

sudo bash /opt/nutanix/update_dns.sh <ipofdns1,ipofdns2>

Use your DNS Server IP Adresse instead of <ipofdns1,ipofdns2>. After the script has run we can check the DNS with a easy „cat“.

cat /etc/resolv.conf

After that the DNS is changed and we are able to finish the configuration of our File Analytics.

We hope this Post will help someone of you 😉


NEW Blog

Hello Everybody,

now my new blog have started. stay tuned.. in a few days the first article will apear.

Ciao Zämma