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Whats in my Bag for Nutanix .NEXT 2018 in…

Hello everybody,

the .NEXT 2018 in London is my second visit to a Nutanix .NEXT. On my first visit in 2017 in Nice, I was very „fresh“ in the NTNX World. But the .NEXT in Nice was so nice (yess wordplay) and informative so I’ve decided, this .NEXT will be not the last .NEXT that i attend.

Now back to the topic… I travel to London with only carry-on baggage, I choose to use my Pacsafe Camsafe V25. This Bag is small enough for a carry-on baggage and big enough for all my Stuff for four days. Usually i use this bag for my dslr but you can easy remove the modular dividers to have enough place for your clothes. Also this bags are very safe, they have smart zipper and the whole bag have a steel wire mesh in the fabric, so nobody have a chance to cut off the bag or cut a hole in the bag.

With me, I take my Canon DSLR 6D with a EF-40mm, so the DSLR is very compact and I have a great Qualitiy. I also take my Nintendo Switch with me for the flight and some small Powerbank from Anker (a great brand). Some Power adapter are necessary for an Austrian Guy in the UK ;-). For my Notes at the .NEXT I use my Ipad 2018 with the Apple Pencil V1, an expensive tool, but i think it has the best experience to write on a tablet.

At last but not least, I have some funny stickers and some clothes with me or should I say some NTNX Swag ? 🙂

So I will see you at the .NEXT in London!