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Nutanix File Analytics DNS change

During the installation of Nutanix File Analytics I made a mistake and enter a wrong DNS server. Because of this, an error occurs during the configuration because he cannot resolve the domain.

So how can I change the DNS without reinstalling everything?

For this Nutanix have written a Script and this Script is already on the FAVM (File Analytics Virtual Maschine).

With the default SSH User „nutanix“ and the default password „nutanix/4u“ is it possible to connect to the FAVM over SSH.

Now we can use the „“ Script.

sudo bash /opt/nutanix/ <ipofdns1,ipofdns2>

Use your DNS Server IP Adresse instead of <ipofdns1,ipofdns2>. After the script has run we can check the DNS with a easy „cat“.

cat /etc/resolv.conf

After that the DNS is changed and we are able to finish the configuration of our File Analytics.

We hope this Post will help someone of you 😉